Monday, June 26, 2006


Well, I'm finally home, and after a few days of rest, errands, and cleaning, I'm up and running again. I was unable to post for a couple of reasons. For one thing, as my dad mentioned, I was unable to access blogger from Ethiopia. Also, unfortunately while in Ethiopia my computer contracted a virus (or actually over 11,000... and it never even went online!), and it crashed. Thus, all of my blogs were inaccessible, and it wasn't until I was leaving that I brilliantly realized that I could actually handwrite entries! Anyway, here are nine (i think) new blogs that are actually beginning to get quite old as the days keep ticking by, finally up and posted for your pleasure. Enjoy, and there will probably be two more in the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Smara!
welcome back! I read your blog postings all the time, your most recent postings are very touchy. Unlike you, I used to be less sensitive for things, but this time I gave up, I burst in to tears. And I decided to write this comment back to you to get a mind relief and to thank you for all the good job as I whipe my eyes dry. All your thoughts and observations are deep and far-reaching. Indeed, as your Dad once said, "your'e a woman of the world". He must be proud of you!
Good luck!