Monday, September 12, 2005

Gone Going...

And now they’ve gone. I don’t know really know what to feel. It was almost a twisted deja vous (however you spell it…) because my uncles had picked us up from the airport, and now they were dropping off. Except not dropping me off.

As we first went into the airport parking lot there was very little traffic, surprising since when we arrived it was absolutely chaotic. As my uncles were walking me back to the cars afterwards there was a lot more traffic. I thought about commenting on it, but it seemed pointless.

Every time my eyes started to well up I suppressed the tears. I wonder if I’ll cry. I wonder when I’ll cry.

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Anonymous said...

I guess it's kind of hard on what to say. We left. You are still there. We are now back home hard at work. You just spent a long day at school.

But not to worry. There will be days when we will be pouring our hearts to you ( missing you so much that it will be unbearable) in long emails and you will be doing the same. In the meantime, we are all going on with life, work, school, ELMO's menamen...menamen...

But I want you to know that there haven't been a 10 minute span that I haven't thought of you, worried about you, or thought about what I was going to warn you in my next email (as if I haven't done enough already!). I haven't cried much either so far because I guess I know you are taken care of, you are having fun at school, and you are basically OK! My tears so far have been simply tears of just missing you (good tears) and not tears of sadness, pain and anguish (bad tears). My tears on August 17th, your first day of school, were bad tears. I am sure I will have some more of those tears. Hopefully, not too many. I would rather have the "good" tears of just missing my little girl. That I can handle.


As to warnings: You saw what a drunken party can be like last Saturday. Please try not to put yourself in those situations. Have fun with kids from ICS, the Greek School menamen but be careful not be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Too much alcohol make even people you should be trusting crazy. So, never put your guard down!